It all started in my mother-in-law’s basement wood shop. During this time, my husband was in school and I was a stay at home mom with our little boy. To keep myself busy, I crafted often. From sewing, scrap booking to woodworking. My favorite though was playing in my mother-in-law’s wood shop. I would make home decor accents, eventually leading to painted wooden signs. I than offered to make a few friends some signs. After a friend mentioned I try selling my creations, I decided to give it a go. After painted 1,000+ wood signs, our sign business evolved and began to make metal signs. From there, my husband was able to quit his day job and start helping with our rapidly growing business. As of now, it is my husband and I working on our business together with occasional hired help when we are extra busy. Since 2014, we have been striving to create quality signs and appreciate all the business and support from all our loyal customers ♥

Please enjoy a photo of our most recent family photo.